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CrowdWorks will begin joint research focused on crowdsourcing together with researchers in Japan and abroad. The world’s leading edge in crowdsourcing, from Japan.The world’s leading edge in crowdsourcing, from Japan.

overviewWhat is “CrowdWorks Lab?”

“CrowdWorks Lab” is a collaboration between researchers, universities, and research institutions in Japan and abroad. Through user trend analysis of the crowdsourcing service, “CrowdWorks Inc.,” a broad range of research will be conducted concerning the ideals of a new work style in the 21st Century.

project membersTeam

Here is an introduction of a few of the main members of this project. Apart from these members, this research project will also collaborate with a broad range of research institutions in Japan and abroad.

Member 1

*Yusuke NaritaPh.D Candidate and Research Associate at MIT

From 2007 to 2011, Mr. Narita planned and operated the Virtual Center for Advanced Studies in Institution (VCASI). Prior to this, he was involved in an on-site investigation in Boston, Massachusetts, concerning the global advance of Japanese foods and the globalization of ingredients, research concerning the institutional design of large and small labor and education. systems, and research concerning the redesign of these systems through data analysis and information gathered from these institutional designs. Published works include co-translations of “The Bounds of Reason: Game Theory and the Unification of the Behavioral Sciences” and “School Selection System Design – An Approach through Game Theory”(NTT Publishing). He completed his graduate and undergraduate education at the Graduate School of Economics, Faculty of Economics at The University of Tokyo.
*Research activities by Mr. Narita for CrowdWorks Lab are conducted as an individual belonging to MIT.

Member 2

Ei TsukamotoData scientist at CrowdWorks Inc.

Mr. Tsukamoto finished his undergraduate education at The University of Tokyo in 2008, and his graduate education in 2010 at the same university. During his time at university, he was involved in research concerning complex networks and large-scale simulation. His awards include the JSAI Incentive award (Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence), and the Dean’s Award from The University of Tokyo’s School of Engineering. Upon finishing his graduate studies, Mr. Tsukamoto entered the Nomura Research Institute. As a consultant, he was responsible for new business strategies and marketing strategies. He joined CrowdWorks Inc. in January, 2013. Along with leading the data analysis for CrowdWorks Inc. as a data scientist, he also acts as the project leader for the industry-university collaboration field.

our missionProject

Here is a short introduction of the project. Research results of this project will continue to be updated on this site.

Survey cooperation with the Higa Lab at the Tokyo Institute of Technology
(starting February 2014)

With main themes of the CrowdWorks Inc. service including crowdsourcing and teleworking, research studies regarding communication during collaborative work under a teleworking environment are being conducted in collaboration with listed companies from the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, as well as the Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School of Innovation Management’s Higa Lab, specializing in organizational reform and local revitalization research and lead by Kunhiko Higa. CrowdWorks Lab will collaborate with the Higa Lab for this project, and will actively support investigative activities.


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Responses regarding investigation cooperation from businesses or research institutions will be made after consultation from both parties, depending on the type and scope of information presented. Please use the following form for contact regarding details. Replies will be made by a representative.