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Django or Ruby developer for an online ebookstore



掲載日 2012年09月08日
応募期限 2012年11月08日
仕事の種類 ECサイト・ネットショップ構築 » ECサイト制作
支払い方式 時間単価制 時間単価 〜 1,500円
稼働時間/週 5時間/週 期間 6ヶ月以上
特記事項 オフィス訪問不要


We are looking for a Django or Ruby developer. we intend to setup an online ebookstore with UI and functions similar to desktop app.

In brief, it should be possible for members to register and create their own ebook store and have their own clientele. The books could be uploaded by clients (for personal use or shared with group/ friends or shared publicly), members (with pricing and selected number of pages for free sample) and the administrator.

Each member would have their own customised online book store with their own logo and look&feel (chosen from a pre-developed templates) with flexibility to change colours, background images, etc. The member shore would also be created as an app on iPad, iPhone and Android devices. So, the users can download an app and then purchase books/ magazines from the member's exclusive ebook store.

we're looking for someone who has good proven experience in Django or Ruby and can start ASAP. Note that we intend to do a paid trial of few hours with selected candidates to benchmark their performance and efficiency in development, communication and teamwork. we are looking to hire TWO expert programmers.

Apply with REALISTIC rate expectations as this would be a full-time job for the right person.

Good English is a MUST.





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