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EmberJS を用いた Full UX Redesign Project(英語環境)



掲載日 2012年12月27日
応募期限 2013年02月05日
仕事の種類 システム開発 » Web開発・システム設計 » サイト構築・ウェブ開発
支払い方式 時間単価制 時間単価 3,000円 〜 4,000円
稼働時間/週 30時間/週 期間 1ヶ月〜3ヶ月
特記事項 急募! / オフィス訪問不要 / プロフェッショナル求む! / 継続依頼あり


欧米のVCから出資を受ける日本発の人力翻訳プラットフォーム、Gengo の開発を2ヶ月間手伝っていただけるフロントエンドスペシャリストを探しています。


[ Project Description ]

+ Gengo is the world's first human translation platform where you can connect to 7,000 of qualified translators via via website or API, 365 days 24 hours, from one word to one million words.
+ We're looking for an experienced front-end developer who can help our UX revamp project for coming 2 months.
+ This involves developing front-end framework, such as reusable JavaScript libraries. We plan to build new UI based on EmberJS. (http://emberjs.com/).
+ We don't have full plan for 2 months, but would like to discuss every week with you (preferrably on Skype etc) to review your work and discuss next steps.
+ We have draft UX/Visual design for a first few weeks already, but very open to revisit UX with you.

[ Our website ]


[ Requirement ]

+ Expert level understanding of HTML5 and CSS3
+ Expert level understanding of JavaScript (JS)
+ In-depth understanding of browser compatibility
+ What the differences between native XHR and JSON-P techniques are for fetching data
+ Different options for localStorage across the browser spectrum
+ Different approaches to enabling real-time communication from the various browser sets
+ Basic Linux/Unix proficiency
+ Basic (or better) understanding of server side environments, be it PHP, Python, or JavaScript
+ Experience with version control (Git or Mercurial, we use Git)

[ Bonus Skill ]

+ Links to personal or open source project contributions: this shows us you're passionate about solving problems and enabling a great experience for the end user.
+ Experience working with databases, be they Relational or NoSQL.

HTML HTML5 CSS JavaScript Linux Python PHP Java MS-Word (ワード)




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