MSD Project Manager

会社名 Pharmeyes
役職/役割 MSD Project Manager
期間 2013年06月〜2013年11月
詳細 Location:Dalian
Responsibilities& Achievements:
 According to project requirement to create project plan and responsible for project transition (10HC)and operation(including escalation and issue management)
 Manages all transition related communication
 Create quotation and proposal according to customer history data/skill requirement/IT requirements/team capacity
 Manage transition costs to budget
 Aggressively drive the change and issue log to prompt closure
 Discuss and negotiate with customer about SLA&KPI according to customer requirements and team capacity
 Ensure the achievement of Project KPIs at Final Sign Off
 Pre-research to understand project scope and create project contract
 Interface to principal elements of the organization to ensure project proceed smoothly(meet scope/timeline/cost)
 Understand customer needs to communicate with system development department to ensure system developed meet customer needs
 Before system release formally ,test system internally
 Create system manual and deliver training to customer and wholesaler
 Planning of resources assigned to area according to internal and external targets
 Senior escalation of customer communication
 Motivation of the professional development
 Continuous process improvement to satisfy customer
チーム人数 10

Service Management Senior Specialist

会社名 Accenture
役職/役割 Service Management Senior Specialist
期間 2012年03月〜2012年10月
詳細 Location: Dalian
Responsibilities& Achievements:
 Communicate with managers daily to understand team issue and problem as much as possible
 Lead 1 member to create SM implementation plan, communicate with customer and Accenture team smoothly to ensure get approval for the plan
 Deliver SM training to pharmaceutical(Novartis)/Procurement call center(Sony Mobile)/accounting process(John Deere) to ensure key person understand SM standard/knowledge/process
 Lead 1 member to cooperate with customer/Operation Manager/Team lead to provide support to accounting/procurement/pharmaceutical process
 Incident Management: Deliver root cause analysis for error with related person to find solution/share with customer to avoid error happening again. Review error regularly to find potential issue to take preventive action
 Performance Management: Create process dashboard timely and correctly to show process performance/highlight/support needed etc. If actual performance failed to meet target, analyze root cause with relevant person to find appropriate action plan to implement them on schedule to meet target.
 Governance Management: Facilitate meeting with customer and create meeting minutes to ensure action owners to finish tasks according to schedule
 Change Management: Deliver change management training to deal/customer, support change management implementation in deal. Ensure impact of change minimize.
 User relationship management: Cooperate with process to create survey to get customer’s feedback timely, then work with process to take action to resolve relevant issue
 Build mutual trust relationship with internal and external customer
 Develop SM procedure document
 Provide ad-hoc report and data as requested
 Get feedback from stakeholders’ feedback for member, coach member’s work timely
 Work with Philippines colleagues to transition SM work from Philippines to Dalian successfully
 Have regular meetings with Indian colleagues to share best practices to improve service quality
チーム人数 2

Senior BPA(Senior Business Process Analyst)/transition lead

会社名 HP
役職/役割 Senior BPA(Senior Business Process Analyst)/transition lead
期間 2009年03月〜2012年03月
詳細 Location: Dalian
Responsibilities& Achievements:
 Project Manager-Project Transition
 Showcase previous process best practice to get customer trust
 Get whole picture of customer process/understand high level process
 Learn process overall knowledge
 Study as-is process to design to –be process according to Dalian actual situation/customer requirements
 Create process map(SIPOC etc.)
 Build up mutual trust communication relationship with customer management team
 Discuss with customer to acquire basic idea of SOW(SLA) to understand customer requirement
 Provide pre-training for Dalian team members
 Support customer trainers for any issue in on-site training
 Make sure to complete all process knowledge and know how are transferred successfully from customer side to local team
 Calculate process capability
 Resolve process related issue in monitor period ASAP
 Create BCP(Business Continuous Plan) document
 Have regular meetings with Indian colleague to share best practice
 Support Operation manager to prepare and track transition related document
 Provide process/compliance training for new employee
 Calculate process capability to ensure assign appropriate HC to process
 Make monthly/weekly reports to process highlight and support needed to customer, organize stakeholder for relevant review meetings according to communication model
 Ensure performance meet target. If fail to meet target, cooperate with relevant person to work out action plan and implement them
 Communicate with customer to understand customer concern to create action plan, review action plan regularly
 Work out follow up action plan for voice of workforce, review action plan regularly
 Responsible for BCP test and change management
 Drive process improvement best practices across account to get better benefit(19 lean projects)
 Work with quality department to analyze issue between systems and take action to optimize system to improve process efficiency

Team manager/SME

会社名 HP
役職/役割 Team manager/SME
期間 2006年02月〜2009年02月
詳細 Location: Dalian
Responsibilities& Achievements:
 Production forecast/plan/monitor and resource plan
 Hire and train new employees
 Establish internal cross training system
 Project Transition
A. Learn detailed process knowledge
B. Create detailed process map and SOP
C. Build smooth communication channel with customer SME
D. Provide training to improve process efficiency
 Ensure to reach target, find out potential issue timely and take follow up action to resolve it
 Facilitate Actively review meeting with customer’
 Motivate team passion and help them to develop skills and capabilities to meet career development goal and business needs
 Member performance management/shit management/attrition management/vacation management
 Communicate with customer to find customer concern to create action plan
 Work out follow up action plan for voice of workforce, review action plan regularly
 Lead or support team member to create project to improve customer satisfaction
 Audit other teams and work with teams to ensure close all finding before external audit
チーム人数 10



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