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ワードプレステーマ; ホテル予約、旅行コミュニティシステム、eコマース

会社名 Solazu
役職/役割 プロジェクトマネジャー, CTO
期間 2015年08月〜現在
詳細 Provide WordPress Theme Template to sell in http://themeforest.net/
+ Implement WordPress Template Core base on Redux & Unyson framewok
+ Implement WordPress Plugins to provide solution for WordPress Theme such as booking, donate, social sharing, …
+ Manage WordPress Theme process & flow.
+ Manage WordPress Theme project schedule & progress.

Building system for Silicon valley startup
Provide an awesome solution for solo female globetrotter who facing higher costs that come with traveling alone.
+ Implement all modules of web system from font-end to back-end modules such as landing pages, commuities, search user location, messaging, management dashboard, managerment tool in back-end, …
+ Daily meeting with customer to make sure all tasks is in sprint control
+ Manage project schedule & progress
+ Discuss & decide technical solution with team.
Provide a diffirent way for e-commerce solution.
+ Implement API to get different kind of product information. API is used to get and set product data in panel devices .
+ Implement front-end pages in Panel devices.
+ Manage project schedule & progress
参考URL http://solazu.com/
使用言語/ツール ●使用言語● ・PHP, HTML5, CSS3 ・Wordpress ・Node JS, Angular JS, Ruby on Rail, React
チーム人数 10


会社名 Shinway Co. Ltd
役職/役割 プロジェクトマネジャー
期間 2013年05月〜2015年08月
詳細 地域連携電子連絡帳システム
A large system to manage and sharing information of patients and doctors in Japan hospitals (Web System, Android & iOS App )
+ Implement patient & doctor information system such as add/edit/delete user, show patient profile history (disease case history, treatment doctor, ...), permit treatment doctor add note, ...
+ Implement LDAP system, certificate system to manage registed user in write/update once, read/query many times.
+ Implement specific hostpital service such ash SS-MIX, PIXPDQ, XDS, ...
+ Implement chating base on Openfire in iOS & android device.
+ Mange project schedule & progress

e-Commerce, e-Learning, Banking System, Stock System, …
Wide range of software projects base on customer specification.
+ Implement back-end site such as user, product, order, courses management; export & import data tool; cron send mail function, …
+ Implement front-end site such as shopping pages, CMS pages, …
+ Manage project schedule & progress.
参考URL http://shinway.vn/
使用言語/ツール ●使用言語/ツール● ・PHP, Java, Android, iOS, LDAP, FileMaker, Hospital Service (SS-MIX, PIXPDQ, XDS, …), EC-CUBE, Magento, Wowza system
チーム人数 20


役職/役割 IT 部長
期間 2011年11月〜2013年04月
詳細 Core Insurance ERP System is the software system that supports for all division’s operation (HR, Financial, Under Writing, Customer Service, Sale,…) in company, especially for operations in Insurance field, such as process of issue the insurance policy, process of claiming, process of insurance accountant...
+ Mange all IT Division activities.
+ Implement and mantainance core insurance system base on other division requirement.
+ Server room monitor & management.
+ Suggest advices for other division to imporve quality & performance opeation by applying technical tools.
参考URL https://www.cathay-ins.com.vn/
使用言語/ツール ●使用言語● ・Java J2EE ・IBM WebSphere ・Javascript ●使用DB● ・IBM DB2
チーム人数 10


会社名 Arthur Software Vietnam (ASV)
役職/役割 プロジェクトマネジャー
期間 2006年10月〜2011年10月
詳細 Vision system is applied widely in semi-conductor fields. It’s used to test and enhance the quality of end product. Base on the image captured from industrial Camera, Vision system software process image and return a lot of information. From output information, product is judged as Good or Not Good.
+ Implement Vision System module such as pattern alignment, pattern inspection, output result, system interface, ...
+ Integrate Vision System with other devices such as motors, relay, nozzle, part feeder, ... to build Machine Control Device.
+ Manage project schedule & progress
+ Setup & deploy machine in customer factory.
参考URL http://www.asvsoftware.com.vn/
使用言語/ツール ●使用言語● ・C# ・Visual C++ ・Visual Basic ・PLC

+ Doja-4.0用iアプリに基づくKtaiPortalアプリケーション ; +Mojaviフレームワークに基づくCMSシステム;+Eラーニングシステム

会社名 Sangtao (現在はNECベトナム)
役職/役割 PG(開発者)
期間 2006年02月〜2006年10月
詳細 KtaiPortal application based on i-αppli for Doja-4.0 :
+ Build and setup project to run application in Emulator
+ Upgraded KtaiPortal version 1 to version 2
+ Fix bugs
CMS System based on Mojavi Framework :
+ Analyze and design Web site
+ Design database
+ Coding, testing and deploying.
E-learning System :
+ Implement & Fix bugs for users & courses module
参考URL http://vn.nec.com/
使用言語/ツール ●使用言語● ・PHP, Java ●使用DB● ・mySQL ・MS SQL 2000, Oracle
チーム人数 10


会社名 Global CyberSoft
役職/役割 PG(開発者)
期間 2003年12月〜2005年06月
詳細 ●担当内容●
・Porting Java Virtual Machine (Kilo Virtual Machine) with integration of additional functions which provides flexible J2ME platform for mobile applications.
・TCK test suites
・Implement the Java interface customization, such as menu style, Phone’s keys handling, Java Application Management,…
参考URL http://www.globalcybersoft.com/ja/
使用言語/ツール ●使用言語● ・Native C, C++. ・J2ME (MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1) , J2EE ・Jbed & Brew 3.0 ~ 3.1 & SKY Phone Emulator
チーム人数 5

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